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Le Nez du Cafe - special coffee flavour training by Jean Lenoir

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Le Nez du Cafe is a set of 36 aromas that comprise the essences of coffee.

This training product provide a 'scent alphabet' that will help you learn to identify the most typical aromas in the world's finest coffees, it's place of origin, it's blend, and even how well it has been roasted.

The Aromas are:

1. Soil
2. Potato
3. Peach
4. Cucumber
5. Straw
6. Cedar
7. Clove
8. Pepper
9. Coriander Seeds
10. Vanilla
11. Redcurrant
12. Coffee blossom
13. Coffee-Pulpe
14. Black Currant
15. Lemon
16. Apricot
17. Appel
18. Butter
19. Honey
20. Leather
21. Basmati Rice
22. Toast
23. Malt
24. Maple Sirup
25. Caramel
26. Dark Chocolate
27. Roasted Almonds
28. Roasted Peanuts
29. Roasted Hazelnuts
30. Walnuts
31. Cooked Beef
32. Smoke
33. Pipe Tobacco
34. Roasted Coffee
35. Medicinal
36. Rubber

Try each single sample of the aromas with all your attention . You will improve your nosing skills and like that you are able to specify fragrances of coffee and evaluate its quality.

Jean Lenoir training sets are professional training kits - used by the experts all around the world.

From now on you will know what it means to enjoy a coffee to the full!

Size:260 x 150 x 85 mm Weight: 1.850 Kg

Available in English, German, French and Spanish language

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