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Caney Anejo Centuria Cuban Rum (69,85€/ L)
This amber coloured rum ages during many years in oak barrels and shows a unique flavour and spicyne..
Ex Tax: 48.90€
Cuban Legendario - Elixir de Cuba (65,71€/Liter)
Legendario - Elixir de Cuba (Contains Food Coloring) 0,7 Liter - 34% Empresa de Bebidas y Refre..
Ex Tax: 46.00€
Cuban Legendario Anejo - Rum (71,28€/Liter)
Cuban Legendario Anejo - Rum (Contains Food Coloring) 0,7 Liter - 40% Empresa de Bebidas y Refr..
Ex Tax: 49.90€
Cuban Rum Varadero Gran Reserva 15 Years decanter (123,57€/L)
Cuban Gran Reserva Rum Varadero 15 Anos in a crystal decanter. (Contains Food Coloring) 0,7 Liter ..
Ex Tax: 86.50€
Havana Club 15 years - Gran Reserva (327,85€L)
Havana Club Gran Reserva - 15 years old Cuban rum (Contains Food Coloring - caramel) 0,7 Liter - 4..
Ex Tax: 229.50€
Havana Club Maximo - Cuban rum 0,5L Decanter (3500€Liter)
The legendary and rare Maximo - a blend of the oldest and best rums from Havana Club. Created by Cub..
Ex Tax: 1,750.00€
Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros - Cuban Rum 45% (114.14€/L)
Havana Club - Seleccion de Maestros (Contains Food Coloring - caramel) 0,7 Liter - 45% Shipping..
Ex Tax: 79.90€
Havana Club Tributo 2017 (600.-€/ Liter)
Havana Club Tributo 2017 (Contains Food Coloring - caramel) 0,7 Liter - 40% Shipping charges no..
Ex Tax: 420.00€
Havana Club Union - Cuban rum  (600€/Liter)
New release from Havana Club - blended to match finest Havana Cigars by Cuban Masterblender Asbel Mo..
Ex Tax: 420.00€
Martell Grande Champagne Cohiba Cognac  0,7 Liter (685,71€/ Liter)
Released by Martell in cooperation with Habanos S.A. (may contain Food Coloring) 0,7 Liter - 43% ..
Ex Tax: 480.00€
Ron Santiago Añejo 25 Years Cuban Rum - Decanter (514,28€L)
The most famous Rum of Cubas current production. Rare rum as these 25 years old ones are available o..
Ex Tax: 365.00€
Ron Santiago Anejo Superior Rum 11 Años - Cuba (97,71€/ Liter)
Cuban rum produced at the old Bacardi facilities in Santiago de Cuba. Word of mouth has that this ru..
Ex Tax: 68.40€
Ron Santiago Siglo Y 1/2 - Cuban Rum (1971,42€/L)
Limited Edition of 3000 bottles made in 2015. Made with over 50years old rums from the finest barrel..
Ex Tax: 1,380.00€
Santiago Extra Anejo 20 years Cuban Rum (207.14€Liter)
This Santiago Extra Anejo is one of the legendary rums from Cuba. Aged for 20 Years in oak barrels a..
Ex Tax: 147.50€
Legendario Gran Reserva 15yrs (351,42€/L)
Legendario Gran Reserva 15yrs old rum from Havana/ Cuba. This rare rum is from a limited production ..
Ex Tax: 260.00€