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Lampe Berger Jade Princess #5729 by Régis Dho

Brand: Lampe Berger
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Lampe Berger Jade Princess #5729 - by Régis Dho

Porcelain - hand painted
Height: 28 cm
Capacity: 538ml

Rare Signature Lampe #5618 designed by Chantal Thomas.

Lampe Berger, wick and burner.

Mind the Lampe Berger fragrance will NOT be included in overseas shipments ? flammable liquids we can not ship by air freight to overseas destinations. For your local supplier of Lampe Berger Home Fragrances please contact us by email ? we will connect you with the nearest supplier.

No more unpleasant odours and cold tobacco smell
The first Lampe Berger lamp was created in 1898 by Maurice Berger, a pharmacy dispenser, to purify the air in hospital wards.

LAMPE BERGER, the leader in innovations for air care, cleanses the room air by destroying unwanted odours and providing long-lasting fragrance, due to its exclusive diffusion system. By eliminating unpleasant smelling molecules (tobacco, cooking, etc.), LAMPE BERGER cleanses the interior air in your home.

We guarantee you will enjoy it because we use them in our store!

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