La Casa Del Habano - Hamburg La Casa Del Habano - Hamburg

Delivery Information

Customers in Europe should note that the price includes VAT. There is no extra to pay.

 Germany Shipping  Cost
 Cigar orders over 50 Euros  Free
 Cigar orders less than 50 Euros  7.50 Euros
 70cl Bottles  18.50 Euros
 International Shipping  Cost
 Cigar orders over 100 Euros  Free
Cigar orders less than 100 Euros  17.50 Euros
 Any other non tobacco items outside of Germany  TBA

Customers buying ashtrays, humidors or bottles of spirits from us be advised that an additional shipping charge will be applied on top of that generated automatically. After receiving any such order we will contact you with a revised postage cost and you will be given the option to proceed or cancel the order.