Bolivar Especiales No.2 RE Germany 2009 - coming soon

Germany had no regional edition Havana cigars since late 2006 - and so the (local) market is expecting the new Bolivar Especiales No.2 RE Alemania (and the second one to the German Market, the Bolivar 109) impatiently.
Late April this year I had the opportunity of test smoking some of these 38 ring by 192mm cigars - same size as Lanceros yet without the little pigtail. Interesting is the unique packaging of these Long Panetalas as they will come out in bundles of 25 cigars - wrapped in Aluminum paper inside a dress Cabinet (means just like a box of RJ Cazadores)

They show a very pleasing sweet and clean tobacco taste - something that made me smile when smoking them. I am not a big friend of these slegde hammer sized smokes that came out as Regional Editions in the recent past and thus this small but long Panetela is a size I absolultely love.
The sweet and almost fruity flavour they currently show now will be preserved by the aluminium paper for while before they will start to mature. In clear words that means they are great smokes even now because the fragrant and fine perfume will make you addicted.
It is impossible to say if they will ever show the special flavour of wet soil the originals from the early 1980’s showed when matured - but let me tell you that I do not really care. We live today and my personal impression of these (hard to make) Havana cigars is TOP. Get yourself a box and enjoy a fine and elegant smoke from Cuba - you might long have forgotten how beautiful these small ring gauge cigars may taste!

My respect once more goes to our Importer 5th Avenue as they have taken the risk of ordering a cigar that is everything but mainsteam. First reactions from the market nonetheless show that the Bolivar Especiales No.2 Regional Edition Alemania (Germany) will be an enormous success.

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Happy smoking from sunny Hamburg
Christopher Wolters

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